Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa of Panama Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa of Panama 

Church and state in Panama working together to fight Covid-19

The Church in Panama and the nation’s Ministry of Health sign a cooperation agreement, in order to work together to combat the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

By James Blears

Panama’s Pandemic Pact, involving communities of faith right across the board standing shoulder to shoulder with the Ministry of Health, covers the entire spectrum of local, regional and national levels. It will employ and extend the Church’s unique access to every community, especially the most modest, humble and vulnerable.

The aim of what’s being called the “Charter of Faith” is to advise, educate and practically help via Church and State combining forces to extend helping hands during Panama’s declared state of emergency, in its time of utmost need, until Covid 19 is defeated and finally eradicated.

Reinforcing this with a call for unity of faith, Archbishop of Panama Jose Domingo Ulloa said:

“Together, we can help our country move forward, re-writing a story in which human dignity and goodness are at the very heart of our efforts.”

A vital part of the action and implementation plan is the establishment of a clear channel of communication between the Church and the Ministry of Health, which will in unison implement effective decisive actions through committees and operations centres. This includes specifically helping with the dire needs of families who’ve been enduring the privations and lonely isolation of quarantine. 

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08 August 2020, 18:19