Pope Francis participates in a new podcast with young people in view of World Youth Day Pope Francis participates in a new podcast with young people in view of World Youth Day  (VATICAN MEDIA Divisione Foto)

"Popecast" features Pope Francis' latest podcast with young people

In a new Italian podcast set to be released by Vatican Media, Pope Francis listens and responds to the concerns of young people from different backgrounds, and encourages them to participate in the World Youth Day in Lisbon.

By Vatican News

The first "Popecast" podcast back in March marked a first-of-its-kind occasion for Pope Francis at the time of the tenth anniversary of his pontificate.

Four months after that first "Popecast," Pope Francis features again in a second podcast set to be released in Italian using this form of communication appealing especially to the new generations.

Recalling his first participation, "the podcast? Yes, I remember it now!" the Pope wished to speak to young people in this latest one in view of the forthcoming World Youth Day in Lisbon.

This second "Popecast" by Salvatore Cernuzio has been produced in collaboration with the podcast editorial staff of Vatican Radio - Vatican News.

In it, the Pope listens to the recorded voices of young people via a computer brought to him at the Casa Santa Marta. The youth represent the fragility but also the creativity that characterises today's young people.

The young people did not know at first that their voices would be heard by the Pope, and so they were able to freely and openly share their own personal stories, fears and problems, as well as their goals and hopes.

Pope Francis offers each person a unique response, just as each's story is different. To all, however, he offers the same recommendation: "Strive ahead."

Always strive forward, he says, despite mistakes and falls, with the certainty of being accompanied and sustained by God's boundless love.

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24 July 2023, 17:45