Christmas hampers for sale at the Wuse market in Abuja Christmas hampers for sale at the Wuse market in Abuja 

The essence of Christmas: God always fulfils his promise

Nigeria’s Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo Diocese says the will of God is for Nigerians and Africans to achieve their human potential and live dignified lives. He said this in a Christmas message made available to Vatican News.

Paul Samasumo – Vatican City.

Season of Christmas calls for sharing

“Christians should make the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ worthwhile by living good lives,” the Bishop says and adds, “Religious leaders should spread the love that Jesus Christ brought. He said, ‘love one another as I loved you.’ This season calls for sharing of good news and good things. Joy to the world the Lord is born! Let us all in our various capacities put a smile on the faces of those less privileged around us. That is why Jesus Christ came to us,” the Bishop explained.

As we celebrate, remember compatriots who are in captivity

As Christians celebrate, they must spare a thought for many Nigerians in captivity at the hands of insurgents or other citizens for whom making ends meet is a constant nightmare, the Bishop said.

“Muslim or Christians should factor God into governance and work for justice and peace. God wills the good of everybody. He wants everybody to live well. Unfortunately, that is not the case today in Nigeria. The government must work hard to bring back the good times. This can only be done through respect for the rule of law, justice and accountability. How can we genuinely celebrate Christmas if some Nigerians are unjustly incarcerated, some held in captivity, and others being denied justice by powerful people? Let us all remember that all power belongs to God,” Bishop Badejo reflects.

A God who fulfils his promise

Bishop Badejo, who is also CEPACS President, says God’s glory is seen when the human person is fully alive. He encourages Africans to continue promoting the sense of the sacred, culture of life and continue to value social justice, peace, reconciliation and solidarity.

"The essence of Christmas is that God always fulfils his promise. He promised to send a shoot from the stock of Jesse to restore cosmic harmony … Christmas reminds us that God should always be part of our existence and decisions. He never leaves us alone; we too should stand by him,” Bishop Badejo said.

Known by its French acronym, CEPACS is the Comité Episcopal Panafricain pour les Communications Sociales or its English equivalent - Pan-African Episcopal Committee for Social Communications. It is one of the committees of the continental body of Bishops known as SECAM which itself stands for Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar.

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24 December 2019, 17:23