Bishop Emílio Sumbelelo of Viana Diocese, Angola. Bishop Emílio Sumbelelo of Viana Diocese, Angola. 

Angola: Novena prayers for peaceful and successful general elections.

Catholics in Angola are praying the novena so that the country will have peaceful and successful general elections scheduled for 24 August

Ribeiro André – Angola.

At their last plenary assembly, Angola’s Catholic Bishops agreed to conduct nationwide novena prayers just before the country’s general elections. In line with the directive, Angola’s Bishop Emílio Sumbelelo of Viana Diocese commenced the novena prayers with a call to the faithful and all citizens to embrace fraternity, mutual respect and peaceful coexistence, even in the face of different political affiliations.

A welcome prayer  initiative

In Viana Diocese, the novena prayers began in earnest on Monday, 15 August, in the Church of Nossa Senhora Da Assunção Parish, during a Mass celebrated by the Bishop of the Diocese, Emílio Sumbelelo.

Various other parishes and dioceses have also been doing the same, nationwide.

The initiative for novena has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the faithful gathering daily in their parishes for the prayers.

Praying for impartial elections

The novena has a theme for each day. It is an opportunity the faithful have so that, rooted in faith and guided by the doctrine of the Church, they present their prayers to God for peaceful elections. Angolans seek God’s intercession so that the elections will be free and fair, that the whole process related to it be impartial, and that honesty and patriotism will prevail.

With Wednesday’s general elections already here, Bishop Sumbelelo has reiterated his appeal for a peaceful vote.


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22 August 2022, 18:53