Cabo Verde' Salesian School of Arts and Crafts (ESAO). Cabo Verde' Salesian School of Arts and Crafts (ESAO). 

Cabo Verde: ESAO Salesian School promotes youthful holiness.

In Cabo Verde, the Salesian School of Arts and Crafts (ESAO), on the island of São Vicente, marks between October and November an initiative known as “Youthful holiness.”

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Youthful holiness is a proposal to promote a happier life among younger people. The initiative goes back to an old tradition during the times of Don Bosco himself. His objective was to present to the youth models of the life of younger saints. Youthful holiness points to a significant presence of young people among saints, blesseds, venerables and servants of God. The testimony and lives of young saints such as St. Domenic Savio are held up as examples for today’s young people to follow.

At the ESAO Salesian School, on the São Vicente Island, an extensive programme for youthful holines is in place between academic, spiritual, sporting and recreational activities for the nearly two thousand students ranging from the 1st to 12th grades.

Holiness is possible

According to ESAO’s Father Luís Peralta, the initiative shows young people that holiness is still possible today and is close at hand. Saint Carlo Acutis is a modern example, says the priest.

In February 1993, the then President of the Republic, António Mascarenhas Monteiro, on behalf of all the people of Cabo Verde, awarded the Medal of Merit of the First Class to the Salesians in recognition of their work in the field of teaching, youth education and evangelization.

The Community of Salesians in Mindelo, based on the island of São Vicente since 1954, is currently composed of two Timorese priests, one Spanish and one Portuguese, plus a Congolese Brother. The mission follows in the footsteps of Don Bosco, seeking to help children, adolescents and young people feel loved by Jesus and his Mother, Mary Help of Christians.

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30 October 2022, 12:53