Bishops' Conference of the Ecclesiastical Province of Yaounde. Bishops' Conference of the Ecclesiastical Province of Yaounde. 

Cameroon: Bishops of Yaounde Ecclesiastical Province discuss Church and the digital world.

The first ordinary annual session of the Bishops' Conference of the Ecclesiastical Province of Yaounde in Cameroon, was held recently. "The Church and the digital world: issues and challenges for evangelization," was the theme of the plenary. The assembly took place at the Pastoral Centre of Saint Joseph in the town of Kribi, a beach resort and sea port in Southwestern Cameroon.

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Throughout their discussions, the Bishops belonging to the of the Ecclesiastical Province of Yaounde agreed on the need for the local Church to integrate the digital culture into work of evangelization, because, "digital technologies offers pastoral opportunities that open up infinite gateways to Christian life," they said.

Christianising the digital and digitising Christianity

With reference to digital technologies, Archbishop Jean Mbarga, the Metropolitan of Yaounde Archdiocese stressed that "the Church needs to be at the rendezvous of history, and above all at its helm." To this end, he continued, "our commitment from now on will be to Christianise the digital and to digitalise Christianity … These are openings that give rise to pastoral avenues that open gateways of Christian lives to you, the people of God, and that pour graces into the heart of a world that wants only to materialise and institute atheism," said the prelate of Yaounde.

Investing in innovation

The Archbishop of Yaounde, praised the City of Kribi as well as the Diocese of Kribi for leading the way in investing in innovation and creativity. He urged young people to seize the immense opportunities for economic development currently being offered by the City of Kribi, "a modern city located by the sea, bearing rich hopes, but also under the prism of problems linked to urbanization," he said.



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21 March 2024, 14:42