Pope Francis makes a gesture of compassion Pope Francis makes a gesture of compassion 

Pope Francis' meeting with Rohingya leaves them hopeful

The Rohingya refugees with whom Pope Francis met in Bangladesh say their brief encounter was a sign of compassion in action.

Rohingya refugees have expressed their gratitude to Pope Francis who took  time to listen to their stories and even asked for forgiveness on behalf of the world that has been indifferent to them.

Speaking to AsiaNews Sawkat Ara 12, said she experienced compassion towards her when the Pope placed his hands on her head when she told him that her parents and five siblings were killed and she was left alone. 

Mohmmon Nurulla who knows the Quran by heart felt that the Pope expressed his sympathy when he spoke of how his people were persecuted. Nurulla recognized the Pope as a man of peace and is convinced that he can help them.  Touched by Pope’s kind-heartedness he  hoped that Allah will listen to the Pope’s prayers for his people. 

Shyada Khaton whose husband was killed and is left with four children to take care of, is also of the same sentiments.

The meeting was organized by Bangladesh Government in collaboration with Caritas Bangladesh

According to Bishop Gervas Rozario, president of the social arm of the Catholic Church in Bangladesh, Caritas Bangladesh volunteers are collaborating with World Food Program officials. The latter are engaged in the assignment of rice while the Church Association distributes lentils, sugar, salt and oil. It also prepares hot meals every day for 10,000 families, for a total of nearly 70,000 individuals. For the past two months it has fed seventy thousand Rohingya and recently it has started a hygiene and rehabilitation programme for them. (AsiaNews)

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04 December 2017, 16:15