#TheChurchIsOurHome: An Open Door to Hope

With the story of the meeting with the Pope, the #TheChurchIsOurHome series on disability and the Synod concludes.

The video being released today concludes the #TheChurchIsOurHome series and recounts the delivery of the summary of the Special Synodal Listening Session, dedicated to persons with disabilities, to Pope Francis and the General Secretariat of the Synod.

From the emotional accounts of the participants' emerges an awareness of having experienced an event that was unique in its own way and that allowed, for the first time, the voices of the faithful with disabilities to reach the Synod.

After all, walking together - as the synodal process proposes and as it has concretely happened in these months of dialogue - is in itself a first great response to the demand for participation and listening that comes from so many people with disabilities.

In order to make available to all the main contents that have emerged and to ensure that this "wonderful process" continues with the systematic contribution of the faithful with disabilities to the life of the Church and beyond, the text of the document delivered to the Holy Father is available on the website of the Dicastery.

The #TheChurchIsOurHome videos remain available as a tool for training and promoting the pastoral care of persons with disabilities on the page dedicated to the Special Synodal Listening Session.



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26 January 2023, 11:29