File photo of Bishop Silvio Jose Baez of Managua File photo of Bishop Silvio Jose Baez of Managua  (AFP or licensors)

Nicaragua strips Bishop Baez and a priest of citizenship

Nicaragua’s government strips 94 people of their Nicaraguan citizenship, including an Auxiliary Bishop of Managua who is already in exile in Miami, and a Catholic priest.

By James Blears

The 94 Nicaraguans who have had their citizenship removed are added to the 222 recently deported to the United States.

This latest group includes Bishop Silvo Jose Baez, Auxiliary Bishop of Managua, and Father Uriel Vallejos, a priest from Matagalpa.

Some of those affected by the loss of citizenship are already living in exile abroad.

Appeals Court Judge Ernesto Rodriguez accuses them of being fugitives from justices and traitors to the fatherland. Their property has been confiscated.

Violation of international law?

The 222 who were deported to the United States have already been offered citizenship by Spain.

As critics of the government they have been accused of spreading false information, conspiracy and catch all sovereignty law breaches. 

Legal experts say this action by Nicaraguan Authorities violates international law, specifically a 1961 Treaty which included Nicaragua.

The Central American Section of the United Nations says Nicaragua must cease what it’s terming persecution.

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21 February 2023, 16:38