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Consecrated virgins explore ‘communicating with the heart’

Consecrated women from across Italy meet in Enna to explore the theme "The Art of Communicating with the Heart," emphasizing the need for authentic communication in our quickly changing world.

By Devin Watkins

In a world in which communication is evolving rapidly, the national meeting of the Ordo virginum, an association of consecrated women, has chosen the theme: "The Art of Communicating with the Heart."

The meeting—held in the Italian city of Enna on 24-27 July, takes its cue from Pope Francis' Message for the 57th World Communications Day, which emphasized “Speaking with the heart: ‘The truth in love’”.

The encounter of consecrated virgins in Italy seeks to delve into the ways in which communication can foster communion.

Communication and communion

In a statement, the Ordo virginum explains that consecrated women recognize the need to create new spaces for authentic communication.

“The daily life of consecrated women,” it states, “is characterized by being in ‘constant communion’, that is, a continuous opportunity to enter into communication and relationship with the Lord and with those we meet.”

Consecrated virgins therefore recognize that new forms of communication can create new spaces for relationships to be nurtured.

“The means of communication, in fast and continuous evolution, are also continuous generators of new places of relationships in need of care, places in which we are also called to enter with the 'heart,' as the Pope says, with our whole person, our history, and our faith,” according to the Ordo virginum statement.

Speakers at the event

The schedule for the three-day meeting is filled with moments of prayer and time set aside for listening and sharing experiences.

Speakers include Cristina Vonzun, a consecrated virgin of the Diocese of Lugano and director of Communicatio Ecclesiae, who will address the topic of "Consecrated Women in the Age of Digital Communication."

Fr. Luigi Maria Epicoco, a priest of the Diocese of L’Aquila and professor at the Pontifical Lateran University, will speak on the topic “Women in the Bible: An 'Other' Communication."

Andrea Monda, Director of the Osservatore Romano, will explore the topic “Communicating is narrating: At the service of Pope Francis' outgoing Church.”

Focus on Sicily

The event in the Sicilian city of Enna will also feature a spotlight on the Church in Sicily, including a prayer vigil on the second day to highlight the witness of faith of St. Agatha, Blessed Pina Suriano, Blessed Don Pino Puglisi, and Blessed Rosario Livatino.

A panel discussion on "The Languages of Care" will offer insights into the work of various charitable institutions.

Several Italian Bishops will accompany the prayer of the consecrated virgins, as they discern their mission to communicate with the heart through their religious consecration.

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24 July 2023, 11:35