Volunteers help clear rubble from the roads in Slovenia Volunteers help clear rubble from the roads in Slovenia   (AFP or licensors)

Slovenian Bishops and Caritas join to aid flood victims

The Slovenian Bishops’ Conference and Caritas Slovenia organize a national collection and emergency interventions for victims of flood and landslides that affected thousands of people across the country.

By Andrea Rego

In the aftermath of the devastating floods in Slovenia, the Slovenian Bishops’ Conference and Caritas Slovenia joined hands to aid flood victims.

The flooding, described as the ‘worst-ever natural disaster’ in Slovenia’s history has caused damage worth millions of euros and has claimed the lives of 6 people.

The Slovenian Bishops’ Conference donated 75,000 euros in emergency aid to assist in the rehabilitation of victims of the floods and landslides. The Bishops’ Conference of Ljubljana has announced that these funds will be provided by Caritas Slovenia.

On 9 August, the bishops held a special session after their visit to the affected regions in their respective dioceses to administer emergency aid. The emergency aid included distribution of basic necessities and wherever possible, ensuring the availability of ecclesiastical structures to accommodate those displaced by the floods.

The bishops also requested all the parishes to organize a Caritas collection drive on Sunday, 13 August.

While expressing their concern about the devastation caused by the flooding and landslides, they lauded all the volunteers and full-time staff. In support of those providing aid to victims, the bishops said, “Solidarity among people who help one another inspires new hope in this difficult moment.”  

‘YoungCaritas’ on duty

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Caritas Slovenia reported that about 300,000 euros have already been transferred to Caritas on the diocesan and parish levels. These funds will be used for the purchase and distribution of food, first aid, personal hygiene products, and tools such as wheelbarrows and shovels.

In particular, severely affected families were directly given shopping vouchers which enable them to buy everyday goods. Caritas Slovenia will also help to clean the houses and apartments that are affected by the flooding.

In another statement, the humanitarian organization reported that several hundred volunteers from parish Caritas and the youth organization ‘YoungCaritas’ are on duty.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis called the faithful to pray for the victims of natural disasters in parts of the world, especially Slovenia and Georgia.

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11 August 2023, 12:59