Pope Francis during the Divine Mercy Sunday Liturgy Pope Francis during the Divine Mercy Sunday Liturgy 

Pope Francis greets those present before praying the Regina Coeli

Before praying the Regina Coeli at the end of the Divine Mercy Sunday liturgy, Pope Francis greeted members of the faithful present.

Pope Francis thanked everyone who participated in the liturgy, especially the Missionaries of Mercy gathered in Rome for a meeting. “Thank you for your service!” he told them.

He also wished a Happy Easter to Christians belonging to the Eastern Churches who celebrate Easter today. “May the Risen Lord fill them with light and peace, and comfort those communities who live in particularly difficult situations,” he told them.

On the occasion of International Romani Day, Pope Francis greeted the Rom and Sinti present. “I bid peace and harmony to those people who belong to these ancient peoples, and hope that each day might foster a culture of encounter, with the good will of knowing each other and respecting each other reciprocally.” He asked them to pray for him, and invited them to pray with him for their Syrian brothers and sisters who are refugees.

In conclusion, Pope Francis greeted all the pilgrims present, placing all present under the “mantle of Mary, Mother of Mercy.”

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08 April 2018, 11:25