Pope Francis greets Ms. Henryane de Chaponay Pope Francis greets Ms. Henryane de Chaponay 

Pope meets founder of Latin America study center

Pope Francis thanks Ms. Henryane de Chaponay, founder of the Study Centre for Development in Latin America, for her work for peace and defense of human rights.

By Devin Watkins

Pope Francis on Friday received in audience the founder of the Study Centre for Development in Latin America (CEDAL), Henryane de Chaponay.

In his words of greeting to her, the Holy Father paid tribute to her work "in the service of peace, the defense of human rights, the protection of our earth, and support for the growth of a more human and fraternal society."

Tireless creativity

He said Ms. de Chaponay’s “tireless creativity” has borne fruit in the form of meetings called “Dialogues in Humanity”.

These encounters seek to refocus politics on humanity and to construct a citizenship that cares for the “common home”.

“It is good to inspire an art of living together in simplicity, benevolence, and fraternity, as well as to educate in the culture of respect and encounter, which is capable of building a future that rises up to the ideal of humanity,” the Pope said.

Finally, Pope Francis expressed his hope that “human history may become a flowering of liberation, growth, salvation, and love”.

This, he said, is the goal of his encyclical Laudato si’, as well as the next Synod of Bishops in the Amazonia.

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Pope with delegation from the study center
06 April 2018, 18:47