Pope Francis at Rome's Gemelli Hospital Pope Francis at Rome's Gemelli Hospital 

Pope Francis to be discharged from Gemelli Hospital on Friday morning

Pope Francis is expected to be discharged from Rome's Gemelli Hospital tomorrow, Friday, morning, following his recent abdominal surgery to repair a hernia and remove internal scar tissues, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, confirms.

By Vatican News staff reporter

Pope Francis will be discharged from Rome's Gemelli Hospital, tomorrow morning, the Holy See Press Office says in its latest update on the Holy Father's recovery on Thursday, following his 7 June surgery.

In this afternoon's statement, the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Matteo Bruni, says: “The medical staff reports that Pope Francis rested well during the night. The clinical course is proceeding normally. The results of the blood tests within the normal range."

Yesterday evening, he noted, the Holy Father dined together with those who have been assisting him since the day of his hospitalisation.

"This morning, as an expression of gratitude," the Press Office Director noted, "the Pope received the entire operating team – consisting of the medical staff, nurses, social and health workers, and auxiliary staff – who coordinated and performed the operation on 7 June."

"He then met Bishop Claudio Giuliodori, General Ecclesiastical Assistant of the Catholic University; and Father Nunzio Currao, Spiritual Assistant of the Polyclinic staff. Later he met with the representatives of the Board of Directors of the Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli, as well as the President, Carlo Fratta Pasini; and the Rector of the Catholic University, Prof. Franco Anelli, together with the governing bodies of the Polyclinic with the General Director, Prof. Marco Elefanti.

Visit with young cancer patients

"At the end of the visit," Matteo Bruni said, "the Pope went to the Paediatric Oncology and Children's Neurosurgery ward where the young patients – who have expressed their affection to the Pope in recent days through numerous letters, drawings, and messages for a speedy recovery – are cared for.

"Pope Francis," he continued, "felt the pain of these children, who, together with their mothers and fathers, carry the suffering of the Cross on their shoulders every day. He presented each of them with a Rosary and a book."

In his greetings to those present, His Holiness thanked all the medical personnel for their professionalism and their efforts "to alleviate the suffering of others, not only with medication, but also with tenderness and humanity."

“The health team that is following Pope Francis has confirmed that the Holy Father will be discharged from Gemelli tomorrow morning, Friday 16 June.”

This morning, Pope Francis made a return visit to the hospital's children's cancer ward, which he had visited during his last stay in the hospital before Holy Week for bronchitis.





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15 June 2023, 13:08