Fleeing Sudanese seek refuge in Chad Fleeing Sudanese seek refuge in Chad  (ZOHRA BENSEMRA)

Pope appeals for humanitarian aid for people in war-torn Sudan

Pope Francis makes a heartfelt appeal to leaders in Sudan to facilitate access to humanitarian aid for the suffering people, and to work toward a peaceful resolution to the civil war with the help of the international community.

By Vatican News

Pope Francis has called attention to the serious humanitarian crisis in Sudan caused by the ongoing civil war, that shows no signs of abating. 

Speaking at the conclusion of Sunday's Angelus, the Pope decried the many victims, including millions of internally displaced persons and refugees in neighbouring countries.

“I am close to the sufferings of those dear populations of Sudan, and I address a heartfelt appeal to local leaders to facilitate access to humanitarian aid and, with the contribution of the international community, to work in search of peaceful solutions. Let us not forget these brothers and sisters of ours who are in distress!”

The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, reports that the civil war in Sudan has driven close to six million people from their homes since the fighting started in April 2023. UNHCR's Dominique Hyde, Director of External Relations, recently visited the country and warned of a surge in human suffering, stating, “away from the eyes of the world and the news headlines, the conflict in Sudan continues to rage. Across the country, an unimaginable humanitarian crisis is unfolding, as more and more people are displaced by the relentless fighting.”

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12 November 2023, 12:51