Pope's participation in COP28 Summit cancelled at doctors' request

The Director of the Holy See Press Office says Pope Francis’ physicians have asked him not to undertake his scheduled journey to Dubai to participate in the COP28 Summit, and he has accepted their advice “with great regret.”

By Vatican News

A statement released on Tuesday evening by the Director of the Holy See Press Office said, “Even though the Holy Father’s general health situation has improved in relation to the flu and respiratory tract inflammation he has been suffering from, his doctors have asked the Pope not to undertake his scheduled visit to Dubai in the coming days, on the occasion of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.”

Matteo Bruni said that upon the advice of the doctors, Pope Francis "with great regret" has cancelled his visit to Dubai.

The visit was scheduled from 1 to 3 December, and on Saturday he was to address the COP28 Assembly, and on Sunday participate in the inauguration of the COP's Faith Pavilion.

Bruni added that "following through with the Pope’s and the Holy See’s wish to be part of the discussions taking place in the coming days, the modalities by which this can happen will be defined as soon as possible."

Changes in Pope’s schedule

In order to facilitate the Pope's recovery, some important engagements scheduled for these days have been postponed; others of an institutional nature have been maintained.

Pope Francis, however, has already shown a marked improvement since Monday, with no fever or particular respiratory problems.

"The Pope's condition is good and stabler," the Director of the Holy See Press Office said, but his doctors say it is preferable that he continues to rest and not have to face the strain that every journey entails.

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28 November 2023, 20:31