Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino (file photo) Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino (file photo) 

Pope confirms Bishop of Assisi as head of Economy of Francesco

Pope Francis sends a letter to Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino confirming the Bishop of Assisi’s role in leading the Economy of Francesco, urging the movement to help interpret the dreams of young people.

By Vatican News

Pope Francis has reappointed Archbishop Domenico Sorrentino, the bishop of the Italian Dioceses of Assisi–Nocera Umbra–Gualdo Tadino, and Foligno, to lead the Economy of Francesco.

This movement, comprised of economists, entrepreneurs, activists, and sustainable economy promoters under 35, is inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi and aims to foster an economy of peace with a “human face.”

In his letter, dated 5 December and released on Monday, the Pope addressed the other members of the Economy of Francesco's Organizing Committee, including economist Luigino Bruni and Francesca di Maolo, president of the Serafico Institute.

The reappointment reaffirms Archbishop Sorrentino’s role in coordinating the project's organizational guidelines in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

Entrusting movement to local Bishop

Pope Francis emphasized the special connection with the Church that has hosted the Economy of Francesco since its inception.

“Considering the bond that has been created with the particular Church that has hosted the Economy of Francesco initiative from the beginning,” read the Pope’s letter, “I therefore entrust the entire project to the pastoral care of the Bishop of Assisi-Nocera Umbra-Gualdo Tadino, so that, as the competent authority, he may provide for everything necessary to give it the due legal status, issuing, if necessary, appropriate measures and norms. The same ordinary will have oversight of the Economy of Francesco in accordance with canon law.”

The Pope specified that the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development will continue to assist the movement in issues related to “the Pontifical Magisterium and the Social Doctrine of the Church.”

Interpreting dreams of young people

Pope Francis also acknowledged the involvement of active young people from various global regions in shaping the organizational and governance aspects of the initiative.

“I therefore ask you to interpret what the youth are dreaming and carrying forward,” he urged the Committee.

Expressing his gratitude for the work of the Committee members, the Pope imparted his blessing and asked for prayers.

Renewing the economy

Archbishop Sorrentino responded to the Pope’s letter by expressing gratitude for his trust in the movement and the Organizing Committee’s work.

“I hope in due time,” said the Archbishop, “to provide so that this process, which sees many young people around the world engaged with enthusiasm and competence, can have the success it deserves for the integral renewal of the economy in the name of solidarity, justice, and respect for the environment.”

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09 January 2024, 10:31