After the prime minister pledged to step down, an uneasy quiet in Haiti capital After the prime minister pledged to step down, an uneasy quiet in Haiti capital 

Pope expresses relief over kidnapped released in Haiti, prays for those still held

During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis expresses satisfaction over the release of a teacher and four of six religious kidnapped in Haiti. He appeals for the release of those still held, and he offers prayers for war-torn Ukraine, Palestine and Israel, South Sudan, and Syria.

By Vatican News

Addressing the crowds in Saint Peter's Square during Sunday's Angelus, Pope Francis expressed his relief over the freeing almost a week ago of a teacher and four of six religious following their kidnapping in Haiti. Two remain in captivity, and the Pope appealed for their release as soon as possible, as well as for all those still held in the "beloved country, so fraught with violence."  The six religious, members of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, were kidnapped last 23 February.

Unite for the common good

The Pope called on all political and social leaders in Hait to abandon narrow interests and "engage in a spirit of solidarity in the pursuit of the common good, supporting a peaceful transition to a country that, with the help of the international community, may be equipped with solid institutions capable of restoring order and tranquillity among its citizens."

Pray for war-torn peoples

Pope Francis also asked everyone to continue praying for the war-torn populations of Ukraine, Palestine and Israel, and South Sudan. And he recalled the people of Syria, asking that we not forget their plight as the nation there "has suffered greatly for a long time because of war."

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17 March 2024, 12:26