Haiti remains in a state of emergency in the face of violence, in Port-au-Prince Haiti remains in a state of emergency in the face of violence, in Port-au-Prince 

Pope prays for peace in Haiti and global solidarity

Pope Francis offers prayers for the people of Haiti suffering due to worsening violence, while remembering the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ukraine and the Holy Land. He also expresses his closesness with our Muslim brothers and sisters as they begin Ramadan.

By Vatican News

During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis remembered in a special way the people of Haiti where he said he is following with worry and sorrow the grave crisis that has hit the Caribbean nation, where widespread violence has broken out in recent days.

He said he is close to the local Church there and all the people of Haiti who have been suffering for years. He called on everyone to pray for the intercession of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for an end to all the violence. He also encouraged everyone to offer their contribution so that peace and reconciliation take root in the country, also with renewed support from the international community.

Closeness to Muslim brothers and sisters

The Pope then recalled that this evening our Muslim brothers and sisters will mark the beginning of Ramadan, and he expressed his closeness to all Muslims as they mark the period with fasting, prayer, almsgiving and communal worship.

Prayers for peace

In conclusion, the Pope greeted members of the Catholic community in Rome who come from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He offered his prayers for peace in their country, while also recalling tormented Ukraine and the Holy Land.

The Holy Father prayed that the hostilities that are causing such immense suffering among the civilian population may cease as soon as possible.

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10 March 2024, 12:45