Memorial to victims of a Russian drone attack on Ukraine Memorial to victims of a Russian drone attack on Ukraine  (ANSA)

Pope: Children suffer from wars in Ukraine, Myanmar, Holy Land

Pope Francis insists that children are truly the victims who suffer most in war, as he recalls a recent audience with Ukrainian children who had suffered burns and lost legs due to the 'cruelty' of war.

By Deborah Castellano Lubov

"Children suffer... Children in war suffer."

Pope Francis wished to underline this point at the conclusion of his Wednesday General Audience in the Vatican, during his latest appeal for peace as wars plague the world.

During his closing remarks to Italian pilgrims, the Pope said his thoughts go to martyred Ukraine.

"The other day," he recalled, "I received little boys and girls who suffered burns, and lost their legs in the war," reflecting, "war is always cruel."

"These little boys and girls have to start walking, to move with artificial arms ... they have lost their smiles," he lamented, saying, "It is very bad, very sad when a child loses their smile. Let us pray for the Ukrainian children."

“Let us pray for the Ukrainian children”

The Pope also urged everyone to not forget the great suffering of Palestine and Israel, appealing, "let the war end," before recalling the plight of Myanmar and so many other countries at war.

The Holy Father urged all the faithful to join him in imploring the Lord's closeness, and peace, to all those suffering, especially the children.

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29 May 2024, 11:17