Brother Luis in his confessional in Buenos Aires Brother Luis in his confessional in Buenos Aires 

New Cardinal Luis Pascual Dri: 'The Lord is always merciful‘

Argentinean Cardinal-elect, Brother Luis Pascual Dri, was unable to be present at Saturday‘s Consistory for health reasons, but says Pope Francis has told him to rest assured.

By Vatican News

96-year-old Capuchin Franciscan Friar, Brother Luis Pascual Dri, was appointed to become one of the new Cardinals by Pope Francis when he announced the 30 September Consistory last July. He was unable to be in Rome on Saturday because of reasons tied to his health and age.

Cardinal Dri, who was born in Federacion in Argentina on 17 April 1927, was ordained a priest in 1952 in the Cathedral of Montevideo.

From 2000 to 2003 he was parish priest at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompei in the Nueva Pompeya neighbourhood of Buenos Aires where he returned after his retirement and where he continues to hear confessions for several hours each day.

Pope Francis has spoken of his work as a confessor on several occasions, highlighting his work as a confessor and upholding him as an example for his message to make visible the merciful face of God.

In an interview with the Catholic news agency SIR, he expressed sorrow for not being able to "embrace Pope Francis“ but said he will receive the insignia in Buenos Aires where the Archbishop will organize a celebration.

He revealed that when he told the Pope he would not be able to come to Rome, he received reassurances that all was well.

"I spent time with him at Santa Marta in 2018 for a number of days,“ Cardinal Dri said, "and perceived Pope Francis as a father who embraces and blesses, and is above all like a brother.“

Regarding his fame of "being 'too' good‘ and forgiving all, Cardinal Dri said he always turns his gaze to Jesus "who forgave all!“

"Through us, the world must be aware that God is good, that He always forgives, that we must never be afraid,“ he concluded.

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30 September 2023, 13:04