Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Tunis Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General in Tunis 

Political dialogue forum for Libya next month

Rival Libyan factions will attend a Political Dialogue Forum to be held early November in Tunisia.

By Nathan Morley

Since a ceasefire was announced at end of August, Libya has enjoyed a period of relative peace. The country has been blighted by war since former president Muammar Gaddafi was ousted and killed in 2011.

Since then, various factions have been battling for control of territory across the North African nation.

Now, according to a UN official, the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) will be held in Tunisia next month.

The United Nations Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Political Affairs in Libya Stephanie Williams announced the meeting during a visit to Russia.

The Tunisia meeting is expected to be attended by representatives of all political factions in Libya.

In a separate development, authorities in Libya have arrested a well-known people smuggler Abd Al-Rahman Al-Milad, known locally as Bija.

In recent years, the country has emerged as the dominant transit point for migrants hoping to get to Europe.

Human traffickers often herd desperate families into flimsy rubber boats that capsize and founder along the perilous central Mediterranean route.

The UN says at least 20,000 people have died in those waters since 2014.

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18 October 2020, 15:58