Aftermath of the floods in Derna Aftermath of the floods in Derna 

Relief efforts scaled up in aftermath of Libya floods

Rescue efforts after the flooding in Libya that caused death and destruction have been scaled up, but efforts have been described as chaotic.

By Nathan Morley

Authorities in Libya are sealing off the stricken city of Derna to enable rescue teams to get in more easily. It is now almost a week after the flooding – and bodies are still washing up along the coast of Libya.

Figures for the number of dead are estimated to have surpassed 11,000 – on top of that; thousands of people are still missing.

The UN says around 30,000 people have been left homeless and has warned of the danger of disease from contaminated water.

The most pressing needs are shelter, food and primary medical care. Water contaminated with sewage is also a growing concern.

The floods triggered by Mediterranean storm Daniel caused two dams to collapse in the city of Derna on Sunday, sweeping people and properties into the sea.

In recent days, aid supplies have been flown into Libya from Egypt and Turkey, but the scale of the challenge remains huge. Assistance from Italy, Jordan, Germany, Romania and Finland is arriving, and the UN has pledged $10 million.

In a separate development, Libya’s top prosecutor has called for an investigation into the collapse of the two dams that caused the floods.

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16 September 2023, 14:53