US President Joe Biden during a speaking event on Sunday US President Joe Biden during a speaking event on Sunday  (AFP or licensors)

Iran denies involvement in drone attack on US base in Jordan

Iran denies involvement in a drone attack that killed three American troops on a US base in Jordan.

By Nathan Morley

On Sunday, details emerged that a drone attack at an American base near the Syria-Jordanian border had killed three US troops and injured dozens of others.

Almost immediately, Washington accused Iran-backed mercenaries of being behind the attack, which is thought to have targeted barrack blocks of a US base.

President Joe Biden swore that the US would respond in time, while some Republicans called for extensive retaliatory attacks.

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Iranian denials

However, Iran has denied that it was behind the incident, and described the accusations as baseless, saying it was not involved in the decision-making of resistance groups.

Iran’s UN mission added that Tehran had no links to the attacks, adding that the incident was part of the “conflict between the U.S. army and resistance groups in the region, which reciprocate (with) retaliatory attacks.”

The Jordanian government in Amman condemned the attack and said it was continuing to cooperate with Washington to secure the border and combat terrorism.

U.S. troops posted in Iraq and Syria have often come under attack since the Israel-Hamas conflict broke out last year.

Israel continues operations in Gaza

Elsewhere, the Israeli military says it killed dozens of Hamas gunmen throughout the Gaza Strip during intensive operations over the last 24 hours.

At the same time, negotiations to try and secure a truce and Israeli hostages held by Hamas are expected to continue this week.

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29 January 2024, 15:53